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10 pictures that prove Priyanka Chopra will forever be her Daddy’s Li’l Girl

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 08 Apr 2017, 13:53:53 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

It has been 4 years since Priyanka Chopra’s father, Dr. Ashok Chopra left for his heavenly abode. The actress still hasn’t gotten over his father’s demise. She has been very close to his father and proudly calls herself ‘Daddy’s lil girl’. 

Recently, the actress got nostalgic when her debut production ‘Ventilator’ won the coveted National Film Award. She shares a throwback moment on her Instagram account with a heart melting caption. 

It's the most incredible gift to be born to such wonderful parents. For making all My dreams come true and never letting me settle...My extremely talented, gifted,kind "life of a party" father and my resilient, strong and gentle mother @madhuchopra who is also my producing partner for @purplepebblepictures . I miss u so much dad. What an incredible voice. Always my inspiration. Sharing this throwback video with you all today because I really miss him...And this void will always be my companion.. presenting.. My father..Late Dr. Ashok Chopra.

It’s not the first time that Priyanka Chopra has put an emotional side of her personality on display. When it comes to her father, Priyanka is a beloved daughter who terribly misses him. 

For a daughter, her daddy is her superhero. While the actress is on a heart winning spree, she continues to complete her with the void that was left with her father’s demise.