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Exclusive: I want to hug Pratyusha’s mother and cry, says Rahul Raj Singh

I want to hug Pratyusha’s mother and cry, says Rahul Raj Singh in an exclusive interview with India TV.
India TV Entertainment Desk April 26, 2016 20:42 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Actor-director Rahul Raj Singh, who is continuously under suspicion of intimidating Pratyusha Banerjee suicide, today, said that his relationship with the ‘Balika Vadhu’ actress was out of this world and he is now both son and daughter for deceased's parents.

In an exclusive interview to IndiaTV, Rahul said:

“Pratyusha’s parents know the reality but still they are accusing me of murder. I love her parents very much. Now I am both the son and daughter for them. I want to hug her mother and cry. She used to cook food for me”


Rahul, first time speaking to any news channel after the incident, made this statement when he came to pray at Mount Marry Church in Mumbai’s posh Bandra locality. He had candles in his hands and even got emotional at points when quizzed about Pratyusha’s death.

“Only I know what I am going through after her demise. We used to come to Mount Marry Church and that night also we were here. Now I will come every Sunday here to pray for her happiness wherever she is” he said.

Rahul, who was not allowed to attend Pratyusha’s funereal, said that it was unfortunate for him to not be there in her last rites.

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Talking on what made Pratyusha took a drastic step, Rahul repeated that she had financial problem.

“Her account was badly managed by her parents. She used to get calls every day from the bank and was under depression because of this. She wanted to ask her parents about what they did with the money.”

Rahul, in a husky voice and teary eyes, said that he and Pratyusha share many things in common.

And that they wanted to get married on a cruise.