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Rahul's ex lawyer makes startling revelations about him. Will this land Pratyusha’s boyfriend in more trouble?

India TV Entertainment Desk 08 Apr 2016, 23:43:30 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The suicide of TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee rocked the entire industry, and brought her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh under scanner. The two were in a live in relationship and Rahul was the one who found Pratyusha hanging from the ceiling fan on the fateful evening of April 1.

Amidst the controversy which has engulfed this death, Rahul Raj Singh’s former Neeraj Gupta has made shocking revelations about the case. Neeraj who quit the case on humanitarian grounds said that Rahul was married but approached girls saying he was single.

Neeraj said that Rahul was partying with a girl on the day before the D-Day. According to reports in media, Neeraj said,

“Rahul was partying with a girl at Bora Bora restaurant on March 31, the night before Pratyusha committed suicide. He even fought with the girl.”

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Rahul, Neeraj alleged, used to introduce girls to drugs, con them and blackmail them. He asserted that Pratyusha fell prey to Rahul’s tricks.

Talking about the circumstances of the suicide Neeraj added,

“Rahul never let Pratyusha talk to her parents. Why did he not inform the police after her suicide which he should have done in the first place? We did not even find any suicide note, probably Rahul has destroyed all the evidence against him.”

He also stated that Rahul has had a record of cheating seven women and duping around Rs 25 lakh in the past and hence, according to him, it can be a 'pre-planned murder'.

The lawyer said that Pratyusha was drinking heavily on the April 1 and argued that if she was so drunk, how could she hang herself?

An FIR has been lodged against Rahul for abetment of suicide and torture. He had applied for an anticipatory bail but his petition got rejected. As of now, he is in hospital undergoing treatment after he had chest pain.