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Ban ceiling fans: Rakhi Sawant’s bizarre plan to curb female suicides in India

India TV Entertainment Desk 05 Apr 2016, 22:04:44 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Item girl Rakhi Sawant can be rightfully called controversy’s favourite child. If the item girl falls short of exciting events in her life to stay in news, she ensures her statements give her ample coverage from tabloids. Unfortunately, she has found the chance to do it again, only this time Rakhi is cashing publicity from the tragic death of television actress Pratyusha Banerjee.

Rakhi, who held a press conference to express her ‘grief’ over Banerjee’s death, came up with the most bizarre solution to curb suicides – imposing a ban on ceiling fans. Held at a banquet hall in Mumbai’s Oshiwara area, Rakhi was seen in her full ‘drama queen’ self.

“If a father and mother love their daughter, they should get rid of ceiling fans. Use AC, use table fans,”

she said. Pratyusha Banerjee, a popular television actress, allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan.  

Dressed in a black velvet top, a banner behind Rakhi read, ‘Laut aao Pratyusha (Come back Pratyusha)’. To add a tinge of reality to her suggestion, Rakhi also brought a white ceiling fan with her to the conference, which she was brandishing.

When mediapersons asked how poor people will afford ACs, she replied,

“Table fans are not expensive. We are planning to go to slums and donate 5,000 fans to the poor ourselves. At least we're doing this. What are others doing for the country? What is the government doing?"

Sawant’s ‘genius’ idea obviously raised a lot of questions among the reporters. One of them said,

“20 years ago, [actress] Divya Bharti had committed suicide by jumping off a building. Should we also ban buildings?”

To this, the ‘Kaanta Laga’ item song girl answered,

“Please don't make fun of this issue. Now if Smriti Irani said this, you would applaud her. Why? Because she's the education minister, that's why?”

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At the press con, Sawant also made a claim that she possesses a video which can prove that Pratyusha did not commit suicide.

“We have proof that it was not a suicide, but we've been told that we have to give it to the Crime Branch first. Some people from the Crime Branch were supposed to attend this press conference, but they backed out at the last minute,”

she further claimed.

As soon as Rakhi’s statement made it to the news, she started trending on Twitter and netizens went berserk. Here are a few tweets about her brilliant plan:

BREAKING: "SRK Should Rename The Movie's Name To 'Table Fan' " - Rakhi Sawant.

— Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) April 5, 2016

Rakhi Sawant is one the most disgusting being I've seen. Taking advantage out of suicide incident for self publicity. Such a lowlife scumbag

— Rowdy Rathod (@stup3ndo) April 5, 2016

Rakhi sawant is absolutely right celing fan should be banned... 'don't laugh' 'don't laugh'. hahaha

— sidharth argonaut (@zidhuz) April 5, 2016

Rakhi Sawant want to ban FAN ... As she doesn't have any ..

— Pawan Negi (@pawanegi04) April 5, 2016

News: 22 killed in train accident.

Rakhi Sawant be like... Ban trains. Let people walk from Agra to kanyakumari. #Dumbo

— Amit $ingh (@me_amitsingh) April 5, 2016

The saddening news of Pratyusha’s death, is sadly being used by many to garner media attention. Actress Dolly Bindra received flak after she recorded her call with Pratyusha’s mother and gave the clippings to media houses for coverage. Now, Rakhi’s insensitive statement in a dramatic press con further asserts that people have become insensitive.

Could it get any lower than this? Maybe, not.