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Rahul Raj Singh’s sister blames Kamya for causing havoc in her marriage

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi April 06, 2017 18:37 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

The battle between Pratyusha Banerjee’s long-time boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh and Kamya Punjabi has taken yet another turn. Now, Rahul’s rakhi sister Sahila Chaddha has accused Kamya of causing troubles in her marriage.

Sahila, who is married to Nimai Bali, a popular actor in films and TV have reportedly been living separately at her residence in Aaram Nagar, Versova with their teenage daughter, Princess. 

On the other hand, Nima has moved out of the family home and is living with a friend, according to a source.

According to Sportboye, Rahul had moved in with Sahila which is why Nimai moved out of the place.

In an interview  withIndia Forums, Sahila said, “A man is someone who cares about his family first, but in my marriage, the case was completely different. The truth is that my husband is a womanizer and is doing all this drama to please Kamya Punjabi. Nimai and I have not separated because of Rahul, but because of Nimai’s philandering ways, violent behaviour, drinking and smoking.” 

It should be noted that Nimai and Kamya were in a relationship in 2007, two months after Kamya separated from her businessman husband, Bunty Negi. However, the relationship did not last long with Nimai returning to his wife and daughter. 


In the interview, Sahila further said, “When Nimai and I separated earlier, Nimai had begged to me for a chance and promised me that he would change. But as soon as he came back, he became worse than the person that he was before. It’s really shameful. I compromised on my marriage for so long, only because I wanted my daughter to know her father”.

“My marriage with Nimai was troubled since the time my daughter was 5 years old, thanks to Kamya Punjabi. She taught Nimai how to smoke and drink and look where that has gotten my marriage into. I am speaking publicly now, only because it has been affecting my daughter Princess, who is giving her SSC board exams”, she added.