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Ranveer Singh and his quirky clothes: Actor says he wears what makes him happy

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 07 Apr 2017, 16:35:49 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

‘’When Deepika asked Meri salwar kammej Kaha hai, Ranveer immediately replied I am wearing it babe.’’ This is how Ranveer Singh often gets trolled by his fans for his eccentric fashion choices.

Although Ranveer might be every designer’s dream model for the way he carries any outfit with ease and attitude. But his unconventional style often makes him the subject of  hilarious reactions from Twitterati.

Recently, the Bajirao Mastani actor was trolled for flaunting a see-through-turtle neck kurta along with skinny jeans and boots. Ranveer chose this unusual attire for airport visit. The actor was heavily trolled for his dress by his twitter followers. Ranveer’s this dress was compared to ‘machchardani’ and Twitterati even wrote, ‘’When someone enters a malaria belt wearing a machchardani and protectors.’’

When Ranveer was asked about how he feels to get appreciations from the audience. The actor said, ‘’It feels wonderful… it’s not by intent or by design… it just happened that a couple of years into show business, I decided I’m not going to try and make an attempt… a futile attempt to sort of fit into some kind of expectations or moulds of looking or dressing.”

Here are few hilarious reactions of his fans: