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Sachin Tendulkar to do a cameo for TV show 'Tamanna'

IANS 15 Apr 2016, 10:56:17 IST

Mumbai: Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar will be seen on the popular TV show “Tamanna”, which tells the story of an aspiring woman cricketer Dharaa, played by actress Anuja Sathe.

According to a source from the set, Sachin will shoot with Anuja in “a day or two”.

“Dharaa now plays the role of a coach to boys in Meerut, same way like Sachin coaches the Mumbai Indians team. We've arranged a box cricket where Sachin and Dharaa would be playing for few overs. The arrangements are on in full swing,” the source said.

Anuja, who considers Sachin as her idol, said " In this nation, every Indian breathes and admires Sachin. Major reason to take up this show was when you talk about cricket, the first thing comes to your mind is Sachin.

“When the production house told me about him coming on the set very soon my joy knew no bounds. I was ecstatic. I'm eagerly waiting for the day now.”

Anuja earlier got an opportunity to attend the India and Bangladesh match in World T20 in Bengaluru.