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Format revealed: Bigg Boss 10 is coming soon and it won’t only have common people

India TV Entertainment Desk 06 Apr 2016, 18:14:46 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: It is quite early it seems that reality television show Bigg Boss is in news again. The high-on drama show wrapped up its last season in January this year and has already released the first promo of the tenth season.

While we were wondering on the rush, now we know why the Colors team has kick started promotions for Bigg Boss. A large part of it has to do with common people being participants on the show.

The first promo gives all the details as to how common men can apply for the show and be on television. But, there is much more to the show than just this.

The plot of the show this season also involves celebrities. According to a report published in a leading entertainment portal, the upcoming season will feature one commoner against each celebrity contestant.

For commoners the last day to apply to be a part of the show is May 31.

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Superstar Salman Khan will be hosting the show and will be doing much more than that. He will take the final call on everything, revealed a source to a tabloid.

Interestingly, the last time Bigg Boss came with a unique concept - Double Trouble, it was not digested well by the viewers. In a few weeks, the show did away with the concept and the inmates were left on their own, sans their partners.

With a celebrity against a commoner, let us see if Bigg Boss regains its lost viewers from the last season. Pravesh Rana, who is a known face in television show, had come as a common person in Bigg Boss 3. The people who will go in the house this tenth season will have definitely have to match up with the dose of entertainment Rana gave. Let us see if sparks fly or not.