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Hail Salman and Akshay: How these two superstars are making it work at box office

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 16 Aug 2016, 18:05:53 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

This year’s box office collections till now ascertain two facts. One, that Akshay Kumar is the ruler of box office and second that even rulers sometimes face defeat in front of Sultans. The ‘Sultan’ in mention here is Salman Khan.

The first weekend collections of Akshay Kumar’s last silver screen outing ‘Rustom’ are out, and it shows how the movie packed a punch. Over the extended weekend of four days which the movie enjoyed, it raked Rs 68.23 crore, at the BO. With such a collection, the crime thriller has become the second highest opening weekend of the year 2016.

Now, ‘Rustom’ is not the first movie of Akshay to become the top weekend grosser of 2016. In fact, all of the three movies of which Akshay has been a part of this year made it to the list.


Akshay’s first 2016 release ‘Airlift’ earned Rs 44.30 cr on its first weekend while the second one ‘Housefull 3’ minted Rs 53.31 cr over the first three days of release.

It should also be noted that each of Akshay’s movies performed better than the previous one.

Adding the collections of all three movies the total money which Khiladi Kumar’s movies made over their weekend collections is Rs 165.84 crore.

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This huge amount is still less than what Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ earned in its weekend. What took three of Akshay movies to achieve, Salman did in just one movie.

The All Time Bollywood Blockbuster ‘Sutlan’ had an awesome first weekend. As it released on July 06, it saw a five day long weekend and ended up earning Rs 180.36 cr.

This feat is something most Bollywood movies can’t imagine of achieving.

It deserves a mention that it is the superstardom of Akshay and Salman which draws viewers to theatres every single time.

Both the stars always touch a different genre of movie making each time they hit the silver screen. They invest time in roles, be it playing a wrestler or an naval office, and which off course excites audiences and translates in the collections.