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Story of Sultan revealed: You will be surprised to know why Salman Khan turned wrestler in the movie

India TV Entertainment Desk 22 Apr 2016, 18:16:29 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Superstar Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ is undoubtedly one of the highly anticipated movies of this year. Teaser and stills from the movie have created quite a buzz and Bhaijaan’s fans cannot wait to see the movie in theatres.

Amidst the entire furore for the movie, an interesting piece on the Internet claims to know the story of the film. According to the media reports, Salman Khan plays a corrupt government official in the movie and something happens in his life which forces him to turn into ‘Haryana Ka Sher’ wrestler.

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The report states that in his life, Salman Khan comes across a little girl who shames him for taking bribes every now and then. She says something heart wrenching to him,

“You keep asking money from everyone to get a work done. God won’t spare you,” when Salman tries to dupe a poor man. This transforms his outlook towards life and he decides to do something for his country.

Now we are betting that the little girl who changed Salman’s perspective is Suzi.

While we are still not sure about the authentication of these reports, the picture will get clear only after movie gets release on Eid.

‘Sultan’ directed by Ali Abbas Zaffar also stars Anushka Sharma in the lead.