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Meet real life Gaurav Chandna, a ‘jabra’ Shah Rukh Khan FAN

India TV Entertainment Desk 15 Apr 2016, 17:44:30 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan released today to good reviews. The tale of a superstar Aryan Khanna and his look-alike fan Gaurav Chandna has amazed everyone who stepped out of the theatres today.

As Gaurav, the obsessive fan of a superstar, Shah Rukh makes everyone go bonkers. Gaurav’s craziness for Aryan was quite evident from the trailer itself. But, we all know that Gaurav is at the end a fictional character.

If one takes out the obsessive streak of Gaurav from him, there is a fan whose world revolves around Aryan. Interestingly, moving away from fiction, such a fan of Shah Rukh Khan exists in reality.

Vishal, who has now changed his name to Vishahrukh is one such fan. Hailing from Kanpur, Vishahrukh’s home is decorated with over 50,000 photos of King Khan.

So when did this love for SRK make way in Vishahrukh’s heart. Speaking to India TV he said,

“I was 16 years old when I saw him in Fauji. After that when SRK starred in the movie Deewana, mai unka aur deewana ho gaya (I became crazy for him).”


He added,

“There is not only one thing which I love about him. His style, his acting, his humble nature, I love everything about Shah Rukh Khan. He is the pride of India”

Not only Vishahrukh himself but his wife and kids too are fans of the Badshah.

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So did Vishahrukh ever meet him? Yes, he did. Narrating his incident he said,

“I saw his car going into his bungalow and I shouted, ‘Shah Rukh please meet me, I am your biggest fan’. To my astonishment he looked at me. At that point I forgot to click a photograph with him and my camera was in my pocket only. SRK reminded me to take a picture.”

It can be undoubtedly established that Shah Rukh’s fan following knows no boundaries. They will do anything to catch a glimpse of him. Maybe, this is what makes ‘Fan’ really special.