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Sonam’s response to Abhijeet and her tweets on the Shobhaa De issue has a lesson for everyone

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 09 Aug 2016, 21:37:23 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Renowned writer Shobhaa De garnered criticism for herself after she wrote a tweet saying that the athletes representing India in Rio Olympics don’t want to win a medal. She tweeted that all the athletes want is to click selfies and waste money.
With this, Shobhaa drew ire from many on the micro blogging website Twitter. The list of people who came down strongly on Shobhaa also included Sonam Kapoor.

However, along with bashing Shobhaa for using not so good words for the athletes, the ‘Neerja’ actress also got in a spat with singer Abhijeet.

Apparently, Abhijeet also criticised Shobhaa but his choice of words might have been wrong. Abhijeet called Shobhaa a shameless lady abusing her own motherland.

Here is what he wrote:

This did not go well with Sonam and she called out on the singer. Sonam fearlessly called Abhijeet a hypocrite for abusing Shobhaa.

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Here is what she tweeted:

Well, looks like Sonam stands by her principles even if it means arguing with someone who is on the same page with her on any issue.

She, however, later ended the war with many emojis.

In fact, it looks like Sonam understands that abusing Shobhaa on the matter, something which is relevant from the tweets she re-tweeted. Most of the tweets, which Sonam re-tweeted brings out the hypocrisy. As it turns out netizens are somehow doing what Shobhaa did, use crass words for others.