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Congratulations! Shveta Salve gives birth to baby girl

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 11 Aug 2016, 19:00:38 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Actress Shveta Salve who has been in news lately for her pregnancy has been blessed with a baby girl. Shveta got married to boyfriend Hermit Sethi in 2012 and this is their first baby together.

Shveta rocked her pregnancy and broke stereotypes with each passing month. She flaunted her baby bump in a photo shoot, showing the door to clichés that pregnant women should hide the bump to protect the child.

The ‘Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji’ actresses also went on vacations. This way she made a strong statement to all pregnant women that it is not compulsory to stay indoors when you are expecting.

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Towards the end of her pregnancy, she also wrote a heart warming letter to her unborn baby explaining about the entire journey of motherhood. In the letter which had gone viral, Shveta had jotted down her feelings truthfully. She had written that usually expecting ladies are told about the morning sickness, insomnia but rarely dos anyone talk about the anxiety and fear.

She had ended the letter on a note where she told her baby that all the wait was worth it. Shveta added that she would have no qualms in taking care of her all night long and will make sure that her father does the same.

The letter spoke volumes about the kind of mother Shveta would be, one who would stand by her child’s side through every trouble. The new born girl is surely a lucky one.