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One anti-smoking warning per movie! Shyam Benegal proposes new advisory for movies

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 01 Aug 2016, 19:04:59 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

The Censor Board and the filmmakers have always been at loggerheads for some or the other reason. CBFC’s certain guidelines having been a concern among the makers in the past, including the one in which every smoking scene has to display anti-tobacco disclaimer.

It is worth a mention that this had created such a conflict that director Anurag Kashyap even delayed the release of his 2014 movie ‘Ugly’.

But now the Shyam Benegal committee’s recent proposal may come as a relief for the film makers.

Reportedly, the committee consisting of luminaries like Kamal Haasan, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and Piyush Pandey among others, has recommended that the movies shall have one static visual advisory at the beginning of the movie.

The committee feels that the repeated disclaimers during the movie, somehow, disturb the narrative of the film.

“A meaningful static disclaimer at the beginning of the film with standard visual background approved by the ministry of health may be shown for a minimum period along with an audio backing it. This should be made in all Indian languages and made applicable to all media platforms. However, periodicity of scenes depicting smoking should be avoided, keeping in view the legislation in this regard,” a source reportedly told a leading daily.

The committee also proposed the option of making a short film before the movie featuring the lead actor who will convey the anti-smoking message.

“There is a manner in which the message can get across, so that body of the film is not disturbed. We could even have films with actors that the audience admires, relates to. This could be in the beginning of the film,” Shyam Benegal told a leading daily.

Reportedly, the Centre is considering the five-part suggestions made by the Benegal committee.

The Shyam Benegal committee was set up earlier this year to suggest changes to the CBFC in terms of their procedures and guidelines followed during film certification.