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Sona Mohapatra takes a sly dig at Salman Khan, calls Bhai’s fans ‘chelas’

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 12 May 2017, 14:56:12 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Sona Mohapatra is on a controversial roll. It seems that the singer loves to be in the news. After targeting Sonakshi Sinha and Justin Bieber, Sona has slammed Salman Khan, particularly his fans.

Today morning, she talked about how she was trolled when she spoke against Salman Khan, mocking his court cases and their verdicts, in June last year.

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"53 year old Bhai ka chelas trolled me relentlessly about my 'age'. 23 year old Bieber Bhakts continue to do so. U are all stupid. Age no bar." Sona said.

If you are thinking as to what led the Ambarsariya singer to mock Salman, then have a look at her previous tweets.

Expressing her opinion on Justin Bieber’s India concert, the singer took a dig at the international pop star. And, this didn’t go too well with Justin’s fans and trolled Sona heavily.

Sona Mohapatra didn’t keep calm and gave a reply to her haters, "Dear trolls, As I said earlier, sorry your idol let you down & didn't bother putting up an honest show. I had nothing to do with that. Peace"

It was after this that she targeted Salman and pulled him into the discussion for no specific reason. 

Is Sona in dire need of attention or is she just expressing herself?