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After Sonu’s controversial tweet, Priyanka’s old video praising ‘azaan’ goes viral

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 19 Apr 2017, 17:14:29 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

After Sonu Nigam created controversy with his tweets in which he called the use of loudspeakers at mosques a ‘gundagardi’, an old video of Priyanka Chopra praising azaan is going viral on social media.

The video is from the promotional event of Priyanka’s 2016 film Jai Gangaajal. The actress, who shot the film in Bhopal was asked about her favourite time of the day. Priyanka said that after packing up, she likes to sit on her terrace to listen to the azaan.

The video is going viral and people are suggesting Sonu to learn something from Priyanka.

The singer today shaved his head in response to a Kolkata based maulvi, who offered Rs 10 lakhs to shave off Sonu's head. The singer at the press conference stated that he is secular and respects all religion adding that his tweet was misinterpreted.

Few days back, Sonu, who was woken up by the sound of Azaan criticised the use of loudspeakers at mosques and temples in a series of tweets.

Bollywood seems divided on the issue. Mika Singh slammed the singer suggesting him to buy house at different place and Sunil Grover supported Sonu saying that he can never hurt anybody else’s religious sentiments.