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Critics, Fans and Awards: Sunny Leone gets candid in this interview

IANS 24 April 2016, 14:14

Mumbai: Indo-Canadian adult-film star turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone says she doesn't expect to receive an award though she craves for her fans' love.

What matters the most to her -- critics' review or fans' love?

"Critics don't buy movie tickets. They watch it for free. But it's the fans who buy the tickets. They are the people who matter the most to me. Besides, I never expect to get any awards. I only crave for my fans' love. I only hope for my fans' support," Sunny told IANS.

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Is she getting content-driven films in Bollywood?

Sunny said: "As actors, that is what we always look for. But, having said that. Content-driven films depend on each person's perspective. I believe in choosing the films which I find have strong content in it."