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Super Night With Tubelight vs The Kapil Sharma Show: It had nothing new to offer, Twitterati express disappointment

Super Night With Tubelight vs The Kapil Sharma Show: The show lacked a novel concept and so it failed to become a blockbuster.
Reshu Manglik New Delhi June 18, 2017 13:50 IST
Reshu Manglik

Super Night with Tubelight made an entry a day earlier and it was surprise for all the Sunil Grover fans. The show not only had a visual treat for the Sunil fans, but Salman lovers also got a special delight for themselves. The two-hour special episode aired on Saturday at 10:30 pm after The Kapil Sharma Show. After the tiff between the two lead comedians, the comedy love sect has been bifurcated into two parts. One who still has their interest alive in ace-comedian Kapil Sharma and the other who’s the ardent follower of Dr. Mashoor Gulati

Here’s how the public conceived the show Super Night with Tubelight 

As the much awaited special episode has been aired, the Twitter is flooded with a number of reactions about the show. The micro-blogging site is polarised into two groups, viz Kapil Sharma vs Sunil Grover. The Sunil Grover fans were expecting some slapstick humour by the comedian as well as the Khans. But to their disappointment, the show had nothing new to offer. Here’s how some of the disappointed audience responded:

Some even believed that Sunil Grover repeated the history of Mad In India and even Salman Khan couldn’t save the monotonous comedy. 

People couldn’t find a new angle in the two hour episode. 

I guess, its the time to bring a new concept in comedy other than cosplaying and roasting. 

Admit it or not, Kapil-Sunil Jodi is being missed by everyone. Here’s how people missed the good old days last night. 

There were users who plainly supported The Kapil Sharma Show over Supernight with Tubelight

The comedians were trying too hard to initiate laughter among audience. That’s what made it look like a bit overacting. 

Finally the verdict has been made, Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover are incomplete without each other. Reconcile you two, will you? 

The special episode was delightful to some extent but it didn’t manage to live up to the hype. It could’ve been a blockbuster if it had something new to offer. Fans were expecting some fresh jokes, but the jokes cracked by Dr. Mashoor Gulati was past its sell-by date.