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Forgotten relationship: Vikram Bhatt speaks up abut extra-marital affair with Sushmita Sen

India TV Entertainment Desk 08 Apr 2016, 22:34:12 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt was in a relationship with actress Sushmita Sen in the past. Their affair made it to the headlines, especially because Vikram was not divorced and Sushmita was a single lady.

After they parted ways, Sushmita and Vikram’s love story vanished from the news too. Now, this affair is back in news, thanks to a fresh statement by Vikram Bhatt.

Vikram who directed ‘Love Games’, an urban-thriller movie which released this Friday, spoke about his affair with Sushmita recently. In one of his interviews he explained how the character of Gaurav Arora was inspired by real life.

He said,

“I have also known people like Sam (Gaurva Arora’s character in Love Games), who harm themselves. I’ll share something about my life with you. I was having an extramarital affair with Sushmita (Sen) and was going through a divorce. I was very depressed — it’s like your whole life is crumbling around you. I remember standing on the 6th floor of a building, looking down and thinking, ‘What if I jump? Will it not solve all my problems?’ It was such a real thought, I stepped back. It was a moment of coming closest to suicide. Though not suicidal, Sam does self-harm — he takes a knife and cuts himself.”

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Added Vikram Bhatt,

“We were too young, then. I was 27, she was just 20. We were a bundle of immaturity.”

In the movie, ‘Love Games’, Sam is a spoilt brat who thinks love exists in tales and lust is what matters in the real world. Till he meets Alisha Asthana (Tara Alisha Berry) and gets drawn towards her.

The movie which also stars Patralekha of the ‘Citylights’ fame, opened to mostly bad reviews.