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‘Thank You Twitter for my intolerance’, says Amitabh Bachchan on getting 26 million followers

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 05 Apr 2017, 11:49:32 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

‘A man born in 1942 and has got mounting number of fan following on the modern age network in 2017, it’s only due to the real charisma of man’, this is how Twitterati reacted on Amitabh Bachchan’s increasing number of fan following on Twitter.

It is interesting to mention here that Amitabh has now 26 million followers on his microblogging site Twitter. Elated with this news, Amitabh took no time to share his excitement with the whole world and tweeted, ‘’And it has arrived ... the magical figure of 26 million followers !! Thank you Twitter for my intolerance.’’

Although, Big B is one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter and his fan following is only increasing with each passing day, but the Sarkaar 3 actor recently admitted that he is a novice in terms of technology. 

The actor through his microblogging site Twitter had earlier confessed that he was unaware of the mobile Tweeting feature. 

Sr Bachchan tweeted that, ‘’ "Discovering the joys of mobile Tweeting ... Foolish to not have known this earlier .. i am such a novice dodo ..!!!"

Meanwhile, Amitabh’s Twitter handle is flooded with congratulatory messages on getting 26 million fan following. 

Here are few of his fan’s Tweets: