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Twinkle Khanna shuts the troll down in style

PTI New Delhi 10 May 2017, 17:56:08 PM IST

Twinkle Khanna is known for her no-nonsense attitude and staying true to her witty self, the actress today shut a troll down in style. 

An account by the name of IndiaExplained slammed Khanna's articles as "progressive fluff pieces" while also criticising her husband Akshay Kumar's photo with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

"Kind of cute how Twinkle Khanna writes 'progressive' fluff pieces in ToI while Akshayji dances with Pogrom Modi. Indian elites in nutshell (sic)," the post read. 

Khanna called the account out for being regressive by assuming that she would share her husband's ideology. 

"Better than a regressive tweet like this that calls 'progressive' pieces fluff and believes that marriage means sharing the same ideologies," she replied.