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Arjun Kapoor asks 'Half Girlfriend kya hota hai' in new teaser; Twitter loses it

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 05 Apr 2017, 16:45:11 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

The much-awaited teaser of ‘Half Girlfriend’ is finally out. Arjun Kapoor is playing the character of a Bihari boy named Madhav Jha. The trailer of the film, that is adapted from Chetan Bhagat's book Half Girlfriend, will be released in a few days. The film features actress Shraddha Kapoor opposite Arjun Kapoor.

In the clip, Arjun is seen reading author Chetan Bhagat’s novel ‘Half Girlfriend’ in Bihari accent as he is playing the role of Bihari boy Madhav Jha in the film. He is seen talking about Riya Somani played by Shraddha telling that she wants to be Madhav’s Half Girlfriend. At the end, the star innocently asks, "Ee batao ye half girlfriend kya hota hai? in thick Bihari accent.

Trolled over the question

The question led to many people on Twitter troll the actor and Chetan Bhagat. Sample a few:

‘Would you like to be Half Girlfriend?’


*Cuts her in half*#GoTEdition

So if you marry a #HalfGirlfriend, she becomes your better quarter, right?

Madhav wanted a girlfriend. Riya wanted a friend. So she became his half-girlfriend… a.k.a friend. This is how women trick you Chetan.

I once met a girl. We had a few pegs of whisky together. She became my Quarter Girlfriend.

Dear Flipkart, I’m trying to imagine half girlfriend added to a cart and trust me, the sight is terribly amusing.

Will this depiction hurt the Bihari community?

Does Arjun sound convincing as a Bihari boy? But some say it is stereotyping Biharis and are calling the film a regressive love story.

A few days back, poster of the film was released with tagline ‘Dost se zyada, girlfriend se kum’. Directed by Mohit Suri, the film is featuring Arjun and Shraddha together for the first time. Both the stars will be seen as basketball players in the film. ‘Half Girlfriend’ is slated to release on May 19.