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Kattappa killed Baahubali because….. SS Rajamouli answers million dollar question

India TV Entertainment Desk 01 Apr 2016, 13:53:21 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The magnum opus movie Baahubali: The Beginning left its fans in frenzy when the protagonist Baahubali was stabbed in back by his admirer Kattappa. The movie which smashed box office records also left everyone awestruck with the end.

Everyone who watched ‘Baahubali’ tore their hair apart wondering what lead to such an end. Director SS Rajamouli’s scheme to hound the fans worked really well.

And to add to their tension, Rajamouli has answered the question in an uncanny way. In a new video released by Dharma Productions on YouTube, Rajamouli says,

“I asked him to do it!”

Ah! He surely knows how to keep a secret.

In the 12 minute long video, Rajamouli spoke about how grandeur the sequel is going to be. He said,

“Part 2 will be bigger than the first film but its USP will be emotions between the characters. It will be something that will keep the audience transfixed even more than the war scenes. The film will release late in 2016.”

Definitely filming Baahubali couldn’t be a cake walk.

“We shot for 380 days and by the time we reached 320 days I could feel a sense of exauhstion in the whole unit. In our industry, the energy flows from the director. I was myself very tired and keeping the tempo up for the last 60 days was the biggest challenge,”

he said.

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SS Rajamouli spoke about filmmaker Karan Johar too. He said,

“Despite our sensibilities being very different, I somehow felt we would gel. When Rana took our project to Karan, our love for cinema brought us together. It was a very fruitful collaboration and he is a big part of Baahubali’s success.”

Well, with him keeping his mouth shut on the matter, let us all wait with bated breath to know the answer to the question.

Meanwhile, watch the video right here: