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Yes, Manveer was married; ‘Bigg Boss 10’ winner reveals the secret behind viral wedding video

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 03 Feb 2017, 18:57:06 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

‘Bigg Boss 10’ winner Manveer Gurjar finally opens up about his wedding video doing rounds on internet. He revealed that the it was his video and he was married but later got separated from his wife.

Manveer posted a video on Instagram in which he was seen saying that he got married to his wife in 2014. After few months things got bitter and she left him. He further added that both of them were not living together since one and a half year.

It was being said that Manveer hide his relationship status to attract female fans. Talking about that he stated that it was not his strategy to win the show.

The ‘Indiawale’ contestant revealed that after he won the show his wife came to his home and right now he is not sure about anything, adding that people will know everything in coming days. In the video he also talked about his daughter.

Manveer was hospitalized due to high fever and the video was made in hospital only.

Soon after the commoner lifted the trophy on the show, his wedding video went viral. Manveer’s family members had different things to say but now finally the truth is out, and it is a big revelation for all the viewers. His confession has surely broken many hearts.