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Aamir Khan's movie posters are copied! Do we expect this from Mr. Perfectionist? (see pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 07 Aug 2014, 7:19:27 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi: Aamir Khan, the man who has been officially deemed as the Mr. Perfectionist in Bollywood seems to be going opposite his tag. With the recent poster of his upcoming, P.K. and a whole lot of controversy built around the poster, Aamir seems to have been untouched by everything.

While the poster has been removed from some theatres following the reaction of women viewers on it, whole speculation about it being copied is also taking the rounds.

Though yes, the poster in, which P.K. Aamir Khan has been shown naked at a railway track with a stereo transistor hiding his modesty is the one copied from Quim Barreiros' album poster. Most of the posters of the actor's films are copied or rather ‘inspired' from either Hollywood or other films.

His last film, ‘Dhoom 3' that turned out to be a stupendous blockbuster had showed Aamir standing flaunting his bare back in a grand glass building. Now, if you go by the poster of ‘Batman: The Dark Night Rises,' you are certain to find stark resemblance with the film's poster in which Batman is also standing inside a great glass building and looking outside.

Earlier, his suspense-thriller film, ‘Talaash' had him inside a dark black poster, which is a direct copy of ‘Mission Impossible: The Ghost Protocol' wherein Tom Cruise was seen with hard intense expressions on his face under a similar black hood.

Also, if you closely notice Aamir Khan's highly acclaimed film ‘Ghajini', which was the remake of a southern hit of the same name had the very popular poster. The actor was seen with a lot of texts and written marks all over his bare muscular body and it was a clear copy of south star ‘Suriya's ‘Ghajini' and also seemed inspired from Hollywood's ‘Momento.'

With so many instant examples of plagiarism, it is difficult to believe that Mr. Khan had thought on the similar lines for their film's poster as the makers of Hollywood films had though earlier.

Also, so much striking resemblance forces us to think is the actor actually justifying his well anointed article of Mr. Perfectionist!