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Aamir Khan's PK poster: Jokes on his nudity go viral on Twitter (read them all)

India TV Entertainment Desk 02 Aug 2014, 14:01:26 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi: Within less than 24 hours of the release of Aamir Khan's most shocking poster yet, social media has been buzzing with surfers' reactions on this bold step taken in Bollywood.

The first look of Rajukumar Hirani's ‘P.K' features Aamir in the buff standing on train tracks with only a radio set covering his modesty.

Since the poster of his upcoming movie PK has been unveiled, it has become the most talked about thing on social networking sites.

Within minutes of him posting the poster where he is nude with a strategically placed vintage boombox, the poster became viral.

The poster elicited a roaring response from the Twitteratis, and many B-Town celebs too lauded the actor for pulling off the look with ease. No soon the poster is released online, twitteratis posted interesting tweets about the nude poster.

 With Aamir Khan's nude look, the actor is being compared with sex sirens like Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone.

Here are some of the most amusing reactions we came across on Twitter:

By posing nude Aamir Khan wants to prove that there is no difference between him and Sunny Leone. #PKPoster

The next scene shows Aamir raising his hands but is still able to hold on to the radio... #PK

I'm glad Aamir Khan doesn't use an iPod Mini to listen to his music in PK.
PK is Aamir in Gajini redux. His enemies have removed all his tattoos. Especially the crucial one telling him where he kept his clothes.

Surprised to know that PK is the biopic of Sunny Leone
Don't see the fuss about the PK poster, it's just Aamir covering his Munna Bhai.

There are 2 kinds of people. 1. People who like Sunny Leone's old movies. 2. People who like Aamir Khan's latest pic.
Post Talaash Aamir's eyebrows have taken a life of their own. Yes. In the PK first look poster, I was looking at the eyebrows

Why is Aamir Khan behaving like Sunny Leone. #PKPoster #PK
Teacher: Give an example of radioactivity. Student: The pk poster sir. Teacher: How the.. Student: Radio in front, activity behind.

Don't see the fuss about the PK poster, it's just Aamir covering his Munna Bhai.
 PK- coz thats the only way you'd be able to look at the poster and not rip your own eyeballs out.

Strange times have come... Aamir Khan removes clothes to promote his movie... Sunny Leone wears clothes to promote her's.#PK