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Aamir to perform daredevil stunts in Dhoom 3

PTI 30 Jun 2012, 9:02:49 IST
Mumbai: The Dhoom franchise is getting bigger like the Don series. The movie which has Aamir Khan play the antagonist under Yash Raj banner is most anticipated as to what Aamir's look would be.

Aamir Khan will be working on his physique, hairstyle, over all look etc just to give the audience a real feel of their role.

Being busy with his TV show “Satyamev jayate”, Aamir Khan called up Producer Aditya Chopra to finally assure him that he is ready for the action. The other team members have started their work and the possible scenes are shot, with Jackie Shroff who will play Aamir's father in the flick is also done with his part.

The dedicated Aamir used to cycle extra everyday apart from the regular training from Gerald as he wanted to get the perfect look for the film. Our sources added that he would be working on his body from July to December for his character in Dhoom 3! 

Aamir with just five days of shoot in India will fly to Chicago where most of the action sequels will be captured in the camera. 

Apart from Aamir Khan in the lead Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will reunite to play their archive role as a cop. While the Indian-British lady Katrina Kaif will shower her glamour in the series.