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Abhijeet Sawant Denies He Was Drunk

PTI 02 Dec 2010, 10:42:40 IST
Mumbai, Dec 2 : Singer Abhijeet Sawant has denied all reports that he and Prajakta Shukre were speeding when the latter rammed into a scooter and injured two boys. "I am terribly upset by these allegations. I was neither drunk, nor was I engaging in a race with Prajakta," he said, adding that he was not at the scene when the accident took place. "When the mob was growing violent, Prajakta called me for help.

"I immediately drove to the scene of the accident at Daulat Nagar in Santa Cruz to help her." Sawant arrived in his Audi minutes after the accident. The last thing he expected was to be attacked. "The bikers were not wearing helmets. We also later learnt that they did not have a licence.

The mob got violent and manhandled Nakash Aziz (one of the passengers in the car Prajakta was driving) and me. Luckily, Prajakta was not hurt, but her friend Antara was injured."

The police was unable to come to Sawant's help. "The police could not do much," he said, adding that the mob even entered the police station and assaulted him. The cops have denied this allegation. Sawant and Prajakta held a press conference at Andheri on Wednesday. Prajakta said the medical tests proved she was not driving under the influence of alcohol. "

The police even searched our cars and bags for evidence," she said.