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Actor Dinesh says scripts choose him, not vice versa

IANS 09 Nov 2014, 16:33:57 PM IST

Chennai: Actor Dinesh, who has proved his mettle in unique Tamil films such as "Attakathi" and "Cuckoo", says scripts choose him and he never goes in search of them.

He points out that forthcoming Tamil comedy "Thirudan Police" is the latest example.

"People keep asking me how I choose different scripts each time. I think scripts choose me. I never go in search for them. If a director feels I'm perfect for his script, he comes to me and I accept if I like it," Dinesh told IANS.

"I also look at the passion level of the director I choose to work with. Sometimes the passion with which you tell a story makes a lot of impact. When I feel that in a director, I'd take his story without even thinking too much," he added.

Dinesh's "Thirudan Police", which is directed by Caarthick Raja, is slated for a Nov 14 release.

"My last two films were little intense, especially 'Cuckoo'. That's why I chose a light-hearted comedy 'Thirudan Police'. It could also be called a family entertainer," he added.

Aishwarya Rajesh plays the female lead in "Thirudan Police".