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Prakash Raj shocked by 'insensitivity' of crowd during his accident

India TV Entertainment Desk 15 Aug 2014, 14:51:30 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi: Prakash Raj who has done quite villainous and insensate roles on-screen was shocked to see some real-life insensitivity from the people after they gathered around to click pictures of him rather than helping after his accident.  

On Tuesday night, a car in which Prakash Raj was traveling was hit by a speeding bus causing him some injuries and also to the family that was thrown out of the auto that too brazed the hit.  

According to Prakash Raj, the bus hit his car from behind and the impact of it was too high that an auto travelling alongside the car too had to bear the impact. The family travelling inside the auto was thrown out of it due to this sudden hit causing them injuries too.

Ever since the news of this mishap went viral, Prakash Raj has been flooded with calls from friends and family members concerned for him. But the actor who escaped with some minor injuries was shocked to see the crowd gathered around for clicking pictures.

Prakash admits that he was disturbed by the sight itself, he says, "People gathered around us were busy clicking pictures and were not at all concerned or bothered to help the family who was thrown out of the auto or even me & the driver."

"There were cars jammed and the traffic came to a halt but youngsters passing by just didn't come up for help. They were too busy making videos and clicking pictures", he added.

This accident has moreover shaken the actor psychologically rather than physically.