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Aditi Govitrikar enjoys 'Simply Baatein with Raveena'

IANS 01 Nov 2014, 12:01:09 PM IST

New Delhi: Doctor-model-actress Aditi Govitrikar recently sat down for a tete-a-tete with the ravishing Raveena Tandon for an episode of "Simply Baatein with Raveena" to speak about health and nutrition.


Aditi shared the platform with experts like Kinita Kadakia Patel, Sunita Banerjee and Rekha Agrawal.


She spoke about her journey of being a doctor and staying fit all through her practice and modelling career. Aditi also shared some vital remedies that can help women to stay healthy all the time.

An interactive show, "Simply Baatein" addresses issues related to womanhood with fun and expert advice from renowned personalities of their respective fields.