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'AJ Theme' song is a new twist to the end titles of 'Action Jackson': Prabhudeva (watch video)

India TV Entertainment Desk 30 Nov 2014, 11:20:07 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Prabhudeva is credited as one of the best dancers of his generation and now when he has turned director he never misses a chance to dance in his films.

The latest proof of his dancing skills is ‘AJ Theme Song' video that was released recently.
The theme song is a deadly combination of Prabhudeva's dance and Ajay's dialogues.

The video begins with Prabhu and Ajay shaking their legs for a while and then a scene from the film is shown where Ajay is speaking a dialogue from the film.

And then for the next two minutes you can see dancing Prabhudeva in the theme of ‘Action Jackson.' When you see him shaking his legs you will know why is he one of the best dancers.

The video has some humorous moments too, like the one when Ajay draws his sword in response to Prabhu's dancing. It can be said that the video has everything, dance, music, action and comedy.

Apparently all this is being done to make the audience leave the theatre on a happy note. The video has been actually created for the end titles.

When asked if the video will really be used for the end title, Prabhudeva replied, “With the audiences' attention-span being what it is one has to constantly keep thinking of new ways of attracting audiences' attention.”

“We thought of giving a new twist to the end-titles. We chose dialogues from the film and I added my dance steps to them while we were shooting. It's called ‘AJ Theme Song' But it doesn't have any lyrics. It has Ajay's dialogues and my dancing.” He further added.

‘Action Jackson' stars Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha and Yami Gutam in leading roles. Produced by Sunil Lulla the film is slated to release on December 5.

Watch the video here: