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#ProudtobeIndian: Akshay Kumar reminds Indians of 3 heroic missions launched by Indian armed forces

India TV Entertainment Desk 18 Jan 2016, 23:17:04 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Actor Akshay Kumar has taken it upon himself to fill Indians with patriotism. His upcoming movie ‘Airlift' narrates the initiative by Air India during the 1990 Iran-Kuwait war. When Kuwait was attacked by Iran in the year 1990, the government of India airlifted 1,70,000 refugees using 488 flights in 59 days.

But, this isn't the only heroic mission undertaken by Indian armed forces. And Akshay is making sure we all know about it. On his Instagram account, Khiladi Kumar has been sharing instances when our armed forces made us proud.

Here is a list of three incidents he shared on Instagram:

Operation Raahat:

Meaning relief in English, Operation Raahat was undertaken by the Indian Armed Forces to evacuate Indian citizens and other foreign nationals from Yemen during the 2015 military intervention by Saudi Arabia. People were evacuated both by means of air and sea, with the former starting on April 3, 2015, and the latter on April 1.  More than 4640 Indian citizens in Yemen were evacuated along with 960 foreign nationals of 41 countries.

Operation Madad:

The 2004 tsunami shook South Asia and disrupted life in southern India. It was then that Indian Armed Forces started Operation Madad focused on rescue and relief efforts on the East Coast of the Indian Mainland. The units deployed in this operation played a critical role in rescuing survivors, as well as in the recovery of dead bodies in the later stages.

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Operation Safe Homecoming:

Much like the Kuwait evacuation, operation Safe Homecoming was launched to rescue Indian nationals who were stuck in the Libyan Civil war in 2011. It was a combination of an air and sea-bridge which was to be conducted by the Indian Navy and Air India. Despite chaos in Libya and a destroyed runaway, three Indian navy Ships along with flights rescued 18,000 Indian nationals trapped in the warzone.