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Meet the man who refused Sunny Leone! (see pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 27 Nov 2014, 6:46:31 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: This couldn't be a coincidence. Sunny Leone, the sexy siren and now an emerging actress is the one Bollywood diva that many actors want to get associated with but shockingly she was turned down not for once but twice and the man who did this is none other than the horror drama ‘Pizza 3D' actor Akshay Oberoi.

Yes, the news being mongered recently is that Oberoi was initially offered ‘Leela' starring the ‘Jism 2' actress in the lead and was to be directed by Bobby Khan. But  Akshay turned down the role citing his ‘Pizza 3D' busy promotions.

But the destiny gave him another chance and this time it was in the name of ‘Beimaan Ishq' featuring Sunny Leone again but unbelievably the actor knocked down the chance asserting that he is busy shooting an Indo-British film ‘Bomberia'.

Well, now will you call this a mere coincidence? Nah, there are probable other reasons to it as to why Akshay ignored the former porn star.

First of all, when he was offered this movie, the actor was promoting his horror thriller. But here is the cue. None of the movies takes so much time for promotions that it compels its actors to shelve any movie offer particularly when it will take months to be made.

Yes, the second time denial by the Akshay is still acceptable if he actually is busy with a film's shooting. However it's appalling that while he was offered Beimaan Ishq, Akshay didn't think for once before refusing the role opposite the actress whom he had denied before.

Well, what could be said about that? Meanwhile, Sunny Leone's ‘Leela' look was released in June this year and the actress looked mesmerizing in it.

Now who is the lead actor in that movie along with ‘Beimaan Ishq' is yet to be known but one thing is sure Akshay has missed out a golden opportunity or is it a royal ignore for the reasons best known to him.