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Tevar 'SUPERMAN' song review: Sajid-Wajid shows 'Dabanngg' magic again with Arjun Kapoor (watch video)

India TV News Desk 17 Nov 2014, 16:27:17 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Get up, hop, jump and groove! This is what you will assign yourself selflessly after listening to Tevar's ‘Superman' song.

Arjun Kapoor's #Tevar are on stupendous display with the latest out song from the movie. A rusty boy from Agra is openly declaring his great fandom for superstar Salman Khan, adoring the grandeur of the actor and adopting the entire macho-ness that Salman possess.

Arjun Kapoor can be seen flaunting a strict ‘collar-up' self acclaimed ‘being superman' attitude. #SupermanSalmanKaFan is stylishly groovy and energetically impressive number.

Crooned by majestic musical duo, Sajid-Wajid, the song comprises lyrics that are neither flowery nor unusual but catchy and striking. ‘Aaya hu main parde phad ke…jauga jhande gaad ke, main toh superman….salman ka fan….' – the entire audio gives you many reasons to feel the attitude that everyone from singer, composer, actor, to the makers are delved within.

The video, which has been shot in the locales of Agra making astonishing view of Taj Mahal visible in the frames, add more power to Pintoo's charisma. The first song of the film has banged on entirely on the core face value of the film – tevar (read here as attitude), on which the film is cashing upon.

And for that rare observation, while #SupermanSalmanKaFan speaks largely about how being rough-tough defines your attitude, it doesn't directs you to feel the conventional ‘tapori' Bollywood approach. The video shows Arjun Kapoor punching, abusing, dancing – all in the utmost possible quirky style; the song doesn't make you think of it as a cliché Bollywood number.

While the constant gripping music enchants you throughout, Arjun Kapoor is the one making his presence enviable and openly showing the ‘star' in himself.

Watch the ultra entertaining Superman video song starring Arjun Kapoor and his ‘tevar' here…

The film seems to be a typical masala flick with high doses of action, drama, romance and emotions capitulated to deliver a full-fledged entertaining film.

Directed by Amit Sharma, Tevar also cashes on its heavy dialogues, one that holds enough weight to match the audience's demands from a Hindi film.

Celebrate the rusticity of Salman Khan's attitude with Arjun Kapoor as he offers you to enjoy and praise his highly compelling ‘tevar' in ‘Superman Salman Ka Fan.'

Tevar releases on January 15.