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Arjun Rampal says, we're ignorant about Maoists

PTI 16 Aug 2012, 13:44:21 IST
Mumbai: Returning from a shooting for Prakash Jha's upcoming film Chakravyuh, dealing with the issue of Maoism, actor Arjun Rampal says, people living in cities just don't have any idea about the Maoists.

Arjun said, the film not only allowed him to play a cop for the first time, but also served as an eye-opener about some ground realities.

“His films are not boring documentaries, yet they talk about relevant issues. They are the perfect combination of realism and commercialism.

“I didn't know what the Naxal movement was about. We live in cities and that's why we feel this is the whole world.

"We are ignorant about the Naxals. Prakash told me that 90 per cent of India lives in villages. There's nothing happening to promote their growth. They are an easy target (for the Naxals), and they get influenced easily.”

In the film, Arjun is torn between duty and friendship, when Abhay's character becomes a Naxalite.

The actor shot for the film largely in Madhya Pradesh: “The jungle terrain was tough, but we were prepared. Coming back to the city felt like a shock after those serene locations.”

The actor says shooting in such a “real” environment helped him “get under the skin of (his) character.” The film also stars Abhay Deol.

Chakravyuh is Arjun's second film with Prakash Jha after Raajneeti (2010). Jha has also signed him on for his next, Satyagraha, with Amitabh Bachchan.