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Ashok Selvan waiting to work with his friends

IANS 17 Nov 2014, 17:22:07 PM IST

Chennai: Actor Ashok Selvan, who worked in a few short films with friends before making his feature film debut with "Soodhu Kavvum", says he's keen to collaborate with them again. He says some of his friends are waiting with scripts to work with him.

"I'm waiting to work with my friends. If I can go one step higher in my career, I think I can look forward to work with them. Then, I'll be in a position to start doing things that will make me work with them. If there's space for me to do anything to work with them, I'd be glad," Selvan told IANS.

"I think I need to earn some position in the industry for all that to happen. Most of my friends are waiting with scripts. I might get to work with them in two or three years. I think I'm more comfortable working with them because I've known them for years," he said.

Selvan has starred in short films such as "Life and Death of a Rebel", "The After Party" and "Head Down Family".

The actor, who is currently shooting for Tamil actioner "Varai Padam", has romantic-comedy "Savaale Samaali" lined up for release.