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Balika Vadhu Actress Neha Escapes Car Blaze

PTI 12 Dec 2010, 13:26:33 IST
Mumbai- Television actress Neha Marda, who plays Gehna on hit television soap Balika Vadhu, met with a car accident in Kolkata on December 11, when the driver dozed off at the wheel and rammed the car into a lamppost causing a blaze, says a media report. Neha was travelling to the airport at around 3.30 am.

"The driver was very tired and he went off to sleep while driving, crashing the car into a lamppost. The car tumbled over but I managed to escape after breaking the window-pane. A fire broke out in the car soon after," says the actress.

Madra then hitched a ride to the nearest taxi stand on a truck, got herself examined by a doctor and still managed to catch her flight.On reaching Mumbai, the actress underwent a CT scan. "A few pieces of shattered glass had pierced my forehead. But there are no major injuries," she said.