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Balika Vadhu: Nimboli decorates room for husband Kundan-Urmila's first night!

India TV Entertainment Desk 27 Jun 2015, 18:41:49 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: One of the longest running TV shows - Balika Vadhu is going to witness interesting turnarounds in the upcoming episode.

Kundan's mother Harki marked off his son's childhood marriage with Nimboli and got him married for the second time to Urmila.  However, Nimboli is totally unaware about arrival off her co-wife.

Kundan, who is excited after second marriage, asks his mother Harki to decorate his room for the first night.

But Kundan's father Akhira Singh, who is already upset with the expenditure on his son's marriage, gets pissed off when Harki asks money for beautification.

However, after seeing Kundan standing on the door he gives away the money for decorating the room.

Harki gets happy to see the love between father and son. She asks Nimboli to festoon the room for Kundan's first night.

The innocent Nimboli agrees with her mother-in-law and gets ready to decorate her own husband's room for the first night with her co-wife.