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Beintehaa: Zain leaves Barkat Villa, will Surraiya take Aaliya back?

IANS 27 Jun 2014, 12:34:25 PM IST
Mumbai: Beintehaan is one popular show on Colors which makes you hooked on TV screen with it's amazing story line.

The serial is going through a strong phase where Zain and Alia's love is being put to test under hardships posed by Zain's mother.

In yesterday's episode of "Beintehaa", Surraiya threw Aaliya out of the Barkat Villa for supporting Zubair.

When Zain opposed Surraiya, Aaliya stopped him and left the house. Soon you will see everyone in the Abdullah family along with Zain and Fahad will leave the house and leave Surraiya alone.

Then she'll stop them and apologise to Zain. Surraiya will also allow him to take his wife Aaliya back.

So, Surraiya has cleared her intentions behind Aaliya's entry in Barkat Villa. Let's see how and till when Zain and Aaliya can live together. Beintehaa airs on Colors TV on weekdays at 9pm.