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Bigg Boss 8 sixth eviction: Aarya Babbar waves goodbye!

India TV Entertainment Desk November 17, 2014 6:47 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8 sixth eviction has resulted in showing doors to Aarya Babbar.

One of the most subdued contestants inside the house this season, Aarya Babbar has bid adieu to Bigg Boss 8.

While the nominated contestants this week were Gautam, Puneet, Karsishma and Aarya, the speculations regarding Mr. Babbar leaving the show were very much positive.

And as soon as Salman declared both Gautam and Puneet safe from the eviction this week, it became more evident that Aarya Babbar will wave goodbye to the rest of the inmates now.

Aarya, who was initially touted as one of the most vouch out for contestants this season actually remained sidelined and did almost nothing to entertain the audience. In fact, he was the one who remained criticized for being the backbencher in every controversy or issue raised inside the Bigg Boss 8 house.

Often called off as the one without bones or the one who take no stands, Aarya Babbar however generated a lot of hoopla when he alleged that Minissha Lamba (ex contestant, Bigg Boss 8) has remained his girlfriend a few time back.

Aarya Babbar was asked many a time to not lie subconsciously in a corner in the house. Even Salman asked him to show his ‘Babbar side' a multiple of times.

What also highlights as the part of Aarya's voyage of Bigg Boss 8 is his infamous fight with co-contestant Puneet Issar. The ugly incident made Puneet expelled from the house just to bring him back in the show a few days later.

Though Aarya was playing better than many others in the house, his nomination along with a few ones who are considered as the lone entertainer this season led to the full stop to his survival in the show.

We wish this Punjabi Babbar best for ahead!