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Bigg Boss Day 50: Friends turn foes? Upen nominates Arya while Nigaar listens to inmates confessions (see pic)

India TV Entertainment Desk November 11, 2014 9:30 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The day 50, morning in Bigg Boss house began with usual note as all contestants were seen having normal chit-chat.

In the morning time, Pritam and Praneet were seen chatting up with their closest friend in the house, Puneet and giving him company as he continues to live in jail.

On the other hand Gautam tried to joke around with Aarya but that didn't go down well with him. Gautam also had an argument with captain Diandra over cleaning dishes.

Open nominations were announced once again but this time with a twist. Diandra, Renee and Dimpy were declared safe from nominations. To nominate an inmate, the housemates had to put his/her picture in paper shredder.

Aarya and Karishma received maximum votes by housemates. For quite obvious reasons: Aarya for disrespecting Puneet and Karishma for being selfish and choosing make up over Sushant.

Both Arya and Karishma were in utter shock as most of the people including their friend like Upen too nominated them. 

Using her powers as a captain, Diandra nominated Gautam and Puneet for eviction.

Dimpy tried to offer help to Sonali in making rotis but Sonali took offense to it and asked her to not interfere in her work. Dimpy left in a huff, clearly surprised by Sonali's rude behaviour.

Dimpy discussed the Sonali matter with Puneet, Gautam and Ali. Later Sonali joined in the conversation and again the two had an argument.

Later Dimpy was seen discussing old episodes with Karishma, Diandra, Renee and Ali. The girls started gossiping about Sonali and how she is swinging like a 'pendulum' between Upen and Gautam and that's her strategy.

Ali instigated Sonali to go and question the girls about the gossip session. Ali Quli Mirza tells Sonali that Dimpy Mahajan, Karishma Tanna and Diandra Soares have been gossiping about her.

But the housemates stand in unison against Ali, exposing the games he is playing to create differences among all.

Sonali made it clear that she doesn't see any need for anyone to discuss about what happened between her and Upen and asked Ali to stop creating friction among everyone.

Upen too took a stand and supported Sonali about the same.

Ali felt cornered when everyone blamed him for doing 'idhar ki udhar'. He declared that he is a 'double dholki' and that is his game and got into a lengthy argument with Upen. Other boys controlled the matter.

Based on internal voting, Bigg Boss holds a task, calling on Karishma Tanna, Upen Patel and Aarya Babbar to justify their stance in a confession round.

And while the three of them speak their heart out, one person listens to all they have to say. And this person is the new wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house.

Little did they know that the new wild card entry Nigaar Khan is sitting on the other side of the confession booth!