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Bigg Boss 8, Day 57: Captain Gautam saves Puneet-Ali; Nigaar, Sonali, Karishma, Dimpy nominated!

India TV Entertainment Desk 18 Nov 2014, 13:26:29 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8, Day 57 started by visibly showing some highs and lows being ruptured amongst Gautam, Pritam and Ali.

Though Praneet seemed missing as P3G reconciled, Gautam again faced refusals as he assigned day-to-day tasks to the housemates.

The day kick started with Nigaar being the most highlighted contestant as a lot of drama happened when captain Gautam asked her to do the breakfast and then clean the garden along with Sonali and Renne, which was already almost cleaned.

Nigar created a lot of hoopla and mentioned that it becomes a lot of work for a woman to cook followed by cleaning the garden.

Captain Gautam then took a stringent stance and told everyone that he is going to nominate those who show non cooperation with him in his captaincy and refuse to do the assigned tasks.

Upen, who was calmed and composed when Gautam and Nigaar were having the argument, supported Nigaar later when she came to him to discuss what happened. Both Ali and Dimpy were also seen discussing that Nigaar was unnecessarily creating a fuss with Gautam's captaincy.

Later, Nigaar even indulged in an argument with Ali as the lady was unable to find a suitable place to keep her things in the bedroom.

Moreover, as Gautam asked Diandra to sort out her things around her bed as everything lied in a very messy condition at the corner around her bed, Diandra strictly refused to accept the order and instead knowingly talked in English and broke a few rules asking Praneet to inform captain that she is deliberately breaking the rules of the house.

What followed was another raging argument between Dimpy and Nigaar as Nigaar went to clear out things between her and instead other things capitulated in forming a new argument, all in vain!

Then came the nominations, and by using his special powers, captain Gautam saved Ali and Puneet from being nominated from eviction this week. Bigg Boss announced that the entire house has to pick four mutual names for nominations this week.

Housemates decided to hit Dimpy, Sonali, Karishma and Nigaar stating their own valid reasons.

What also caught the eye in the yesterday's episode was a discussion amid the P3G group regarding Ali. Pritam mentioned that Ali is trying to implement the strategy of being involved in a relationship with Dimpy.

Then both Ali and Dimpy were shown discussing how Gautam had done a partiality by saving Ali and not Dimpy when Dimpy was the one who supported Gautam in becoming the captain.

The episode consummated by giving the glimpse of the next task where Gautam is set to become an official dictator of the house making the rest of the housemates falling par at his orders.

Watch out for what twists Gautam captaincy brings in the game now!