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Bigg Boss 8: Sophie Choudry turns advisor, Sushant Divgikar bows out of house (view pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 11 Nov 2014, 10:51:39 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: In this Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan turned a rapper and entertained everyone by with a funny BB8 rap.

Weekend Ka Vaar, started with blame game fight that breaks out between Puneet and Arya. Arya insulted Puneet and all the housemates go against him.

Salman then came back and when he spoke to the housemates he scolded Arya for insulting Puneet who is much elder to him.

Arya then asked for forgiveness Puneet hugs him.

Salman then introduced everyone with ventriloquist Satyajit and his puppet Chhotu. He recited poems on Karishma, Sonali, Ali and Upen. He gave two names 'Gangs of Bedroompur' for the ones who always stay in bed.

And he coined a new term for Diandra, Arya, Ali, Karishma, Upen and Sonali - D.A.A.K.U.S

Salman then gave a task to the contestants. 'Mere sawalon ka jawab do'. Here he paired up friends and asked them to select answer to check if they are correct...similar to he game which Gautam and Karishma had.

Sophie Choudry was invited as a special panelist in tonight's show. The actor-singer shared some pearls of wisdom with our dear contestants.

She advised Karishma Tanna to take a firm stand and don't change her selfish image just to get into good books of viewers. Sophie asked Karishma to be herself.

She seemed happy with Upen when he became the captain as he was very good because he was talking. As Diandra has become the captain now, Sophie warns him not to get confined to bedroom again.

Sophie also asked Renee to look all sides as the men might be on her side but she should keep an eye on the girls.

When asked Puneet about Gautam's character he says, Gautam does what he feels and says from heart. If that is objectionable to other contestants so be it. He doesn't care about that.

Out of the contestants nominated for eviction, host Salman Khan announced Gautam, Sonali and Praneet safe from eviction in Saturday's episode.

This meant that sword hung on the faces of the remaining three contestants – Ali, Puneet and Sushant.

But in the end it was Sushant Divgikar who was shown the door. This brought to an end an interesting journey of Sushant in the house over the weeks.

Sushant was evicted from the house and Sonali was in tears hearing the news. He was her only friend in the house. Via Big Bomb Sushant had the option to free Puneet from the jail and name 1 housemate as 'sevak'.

Salman thought he would name Karishma but Sushant refused to use the Big Bomb, letting Puneet stay in jail and no sevak for now.