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Bigg Boss 8: Nigaar Khan says goodbye to BB house, nominates Upen with 'Bigg Bomb' (see pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 24 Nov 2014, 9:47:20 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Salman returned with Weekend ka Vaar and usually he is the one who entertains the audience with his dance performance but this time he was entertained by the housemates with a very creative Bigg Boss anthem!

Housemates entertain singing a rap on Bigg Boss.

Salman played a fun task with the housemates and asked them some socking questions. Ali was asked whom he thinks doesn't deserve to stay in the house, he took Karishma's name.

This created a hilarious argument in which Ali enacted like a dog and made Salman ROFL!

Salman thinks Sonali comes from a different planet and calls herself a superhuman. All housemates laugh at her stupid remarks.

Saach Ki kursi game takes place and here are the game highlights:

1. Ali mentions that Puneet is the person whom he loves the most. He feels that Karishma doesn't deserve to stay in the house and Dimpy uses everybody to her advantage. Dimpy retorts saying that she is the one who has been used by Ali.

2. Dimpy feels Ali doesn't deserve to be in the house and Renee is a Fuski bomb.

3. Puneet tells Karishma's stay doesn't make any difference and Diandra doesn't want to come out of her comfort zone.

4. Karishma feels that Upen is a hero while Ali is a zero. She also thinks Puneet is the most selfish person in the house.

5. Diandra thinks Upen has been better captain. She names Gautam as the hero of the house and Sonali a zero. Sonali argues saying if she was a zero then she wouldn't have stayed in the house for so long.

After the game, Bigg Cargo comes and Salman brings out two cards - A Queen and a King card. The budding friendship between Gautam and Diandra is shown where Gautam talks about Diandra's beauty.

Then he brings out a parrot and a video of Ali mimicking contestants is shown to audience.

Salman asks the house to name a person who didn't show any interest in this week's task. The majority of the house name Sonali and then nominates Upen.

Between Sonali and Nigaar, the latter got evicted this Weekend ka Vaar. Salman showed her a few clippings in which all housemates said bad things about her during her stay in the house. S

he was quite shocked and appalled.

Salman asked all housemates who according to them is the most 'dead' contestant in the house.

Upen and Sonali got the most votes and based on this Nigaar was asked to use the Bigg Bomb and nominate one of these two directly in the coming week's nomination. While deciding, Sonali requested Nigaar to nominate Upen.

Upen felt hurt by Sonali's reaction and when Nigaar actually nominated him he vented out and revealed all the time Sonali has bitched about Nigaar.

Entering the house with the aim to bring the contestants together and break the groupism that has existed in the house, Nigaar tried everything to ensure that the contestants lived as one happy family.

However, she soon realized that her dreams could not come true when differences cropped up with Ali and Gautam following, which Nigaar decided to stay closer to her friends.

At no point in the game did Nigaar try to hide her emotions owing to which she earned the title of 'Cry Baby' inside the Bigg Boss house.

While she cemented her pre-existing friendship with Diandra, upon her entry, Nigaar also grew close to Sonali and Upen who she considered her only friends in the house who she was certain would never speak ill about her.

Nigaar's journey in the house, though tumultuous, was filled with some fun and crazy moments.

The coming episode will witness the twist in the nomination process where contestants will have to save an inmate rather than nominating.