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Bigg Boss 8 vs KBC 8: Salman Khan to clash with Big B this season?

India TV News Desk 21 Aug 2014, 19:18:25 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8 has already started acquiring your wit with the recently released teaser of the show. And the fact that our very own gentleman, Salman Khan will be seen again hosting the show makes the news of its arrival much more power packed.

While the show enjoys a massive popularity multiplied by Salman's giant stardom, there remains a sense of competition from other popular TV series as well.

Considering the whooping liking of Amitabh Bachchan's KBC, Bigg Boss always faces a thrashing TRP up-down every year. Though both the shows run on a completely different format, the star appeal and grandeur of megastar Amitabh Bachchan and superstar Salman Khan calls for a tough competition.

Bigg Boss 8, which is scheduled to go on air in September end, might get a slight sour sight from KBC 8 which has already taken over the telly-world since the last week.

Though no doubt, Salman's association with the controversial realty show has everything to cook positive for the Bigg Boss, a slight hindrance that the show can face might due to the facets of the popularity of Big B's KBC.  

And if there is any show that can raise competition at par with Bigg Boss, it is sure to be none other than KBC.

Now, since there is more-than-enough anticipation building around ‘Bigg Boss 8,' and ‘KBC 8' has already created its roots for the current season, it would be interesting to see the eye balls getting divulged on two channels for two big stars again!

Let the game begin, we say!