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Bigg Boss 8 gets hotter: Dimpy Ganguly and Renee Dhyani join the loud girls' gang

India TV Entertainment Desk 07 Nov 2014, 20:12:06 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8 is ready to raise the temp with today's episode.

Curbing various speculations taking the rounds regarding the wild card entries this season, Dimpy Mahajan and Rene Dhyani have entered the house.

With a quite dramatic entry, both Dimpy and Renee have been asked to steer away from the camera for a day and that's the reason why none of them can be spotted inside the house in the live feed.

While the rumours were rife about adult-film-star Shanti Dynamite entering the BB8 house this week, the two gorgeous babes have decided to add more spice in the show.

Bigg Boss with its current season has not been able to charge up the audience so far and apart from a few contestants, none of the housemates have been able to give the perfect dose of entertainment as of now. With the glamour quotient added up in the show, both the audience and the makers are hoping for a great buzz and fuss in the house.

While Dimpy is already a popular name as Rahul Mahajan's estranged wife, Renee is also quite famous among youngsters for her MTV Roadies stints. Both Dimpy and Renee are outspoken ladies and get furious over matters they think are not justified.

The link that both of these ladies have in common is that they both have dealt with the highs and lows in a reality show earlier too, making them more vulnerable to the place. Prior entering the controversial game show, Dimpy stated that she is only worried about her sleep and food.

“My main concern is food and sleep. I really get disturbed if I don't get these two things. Frankly, I don't know how I will overcome that. I can manage everything, but not inadequate food and sleep. I tend to lose it,” Dimpy told IANS over phone before entering the house Friday.

Apart from phone and family, Dimpy, who also appeared in a dancing reality show "Nach Baliye 5" with her estranged husband, will miss her favourite “fish curry and rice”.

Ask her why she is going into "Bigg Boss" and like others she too replied saying she is taking it as a challenge. “I thought this is one of the biggest challenges in my life that I can take and I am always up for challenges,” said Dimpy whose estranged husband had participated in the second season of "Bigg Boss".

Dimpy also calls herself an ardent fan of the reality show and feels “privileged to be a part of the show”. She says she "will enter the show with an optimistic attitude". “It is not cardinal that I have to be a negative character in the show. I can bring a positive change in the show. So I am optimistic about how all this will go and have faith in myself and god,” she said.

However, Dimpy refrained from commenting about the contestants who are already inside. “I don't have any favourites and would form an opinion once I am inside the house,” she said.

Dimpy also looks forward to induce a positive spark in the show, which has garnered eye balls for its fights and violent methods adopted by the contestants till now.

“The audience can expect a lot of energy and fun in the show as I love to have fun,” she said.

Dimpy tweaked a proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” into “All work and no play makes 'Bigg Boss' a dull show” to support her entry.

Let's hope for a better appearing now!