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Bigg Boss 9 Contestant No 12: Keith Sequeira, the handsome VJ turned actor who broke many women's hearts

India TV News Desk 11 Oct 2015, 23:02:50 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: When we say actor Keith Sequeira broke many hearts it is because he went into a relationship with IPL Extra Innings host Rochelle Maria Rao. The couple are seeing happy days and will be appearing on the reality show Bigg Boss 9 together.

He started his modelling career with Raymond's The Complete Man campaign.  Speaking on how he bagged it, he said to a leading daily, “I was the last person to audition. Within no time I was the chosen one from among 3000 other guys.”

Keith was born in Goa and accepts that he will always be a Goan at heart. When he entered the film industry it was assumed that being from Goa, he would not be able to speak Hindi. But, Keith shut his critics down by speaking fluent Hindi in the movie ‘Sixteen', where he played an author.

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He admitted his relationship with Rochelle on Facebook and the two have always attended social events together. Now that the two will be in show one can expect to see mushy love scenes.

However, Keith is known to be a calm person who loves his career. Will his poised nature be seen as his weakness by the fellow inmates? Or will Keith be the silent player who plays his games without anyone noticing?

Well, Keith's many shades will be seen on the show for sure.