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Bigg Boss 9: When 'Double Trouble' couples failed to up the X-factor

New Delhi: The ninth season of Bigg Boss was woven around the idea of ‘Double Trouble'. Before the inception of the season, the ‘Double Trouble' concept grabbed a lot of attention and it was only
India TV Entertainment Desk January 23, 2016 17:50 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The ninth season of Bigg Boss was woven around the idea of ‘Double Trouble'. Before the inception of the season, the ‘Double Trouble' concept grabbed a lot of attention and it was only at the premiere of the show that superstar host Salman Khan unravelled the mystery.

Contestants were tied in pairs before entering the house. To add to the ‘twist' factor of the show, two couples and one ex-couple were also seen together as contestants.

Despite several twists and turns introduced by the makers of the show, it could not match the frenzy it had managed to create in earlier seasons. There is a general belief that the couples on the show, which were part of the concept, failed to ignite sparks on the otherwise lacklustre season of the show.

As the show draws to a close today, we take bring to you a wrap up of how these pairs performed on the show.

Rochelle Maria Rao and Keith Sequeria:

Model Rochelle and her VJ boyfriend Keith gave relationship goals to many. They did not shy away from indulging in steamy PDA. In the beginning of the show, Keith's growing affection for co-contestant Mandana Karimi saw Rochelle getting anxious. However, after the Iranian model clarified her stand, Rochelle and Keith went back being themselves.

Almost halfway in the season, Keith had to leave the house after his younger brother passed away. It was then that contestants saw the frenzied side of Rochelle. But that too did not last long enough. Though Keith is out of the race, Rochelle is one of the finalists and her bae obviously wants her to win.

Beyond the show, there isn't much clarity on the plans of the couple. It was anticipated that they will get engaged in the show itself, after Imam Siddiqui pressurised Rochelle to ask Keith to put a ring on her finger. Well, since Keith is a divorcee, we think it will be some time before he decides to tie the nuptial knot again.

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Kishwar Merchant and Suyyash Rai:

Kishwar and Suyyash have been together for five years. They first met on the sets of television show ‘Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani'. Kishwar's dominating streak over Suyyash has been visible since then. In fact, Suyyash's sister had requested him at the beginning of the show not to follow Kishwar blindly.

With time, Suyyash paid heed to her advice and the couple managed to make their presence felt separately in the house. However, that did not deter the couple from showing some love to each other. Pictures of them making out in the house had gone viral.

Post the show, Suyyash and Kishwar are planning to get married. Suyyash revealed that they might get hitched by the end of January or in the beginning of February. He also said that they will go to Paris, Moscow or Amsterdam after the marriage.

Roopal Tyagi and Ankit Gera:

The makers of Bigg Boss roped in an ex-celebrity couple in the hope of some entertainment. Alas, it did not go well for them as the two failed to ignite sparks in the otherwise dull show.

Roopal was seen talking ill about Ankit on more than one occasion and Ankit was seen donning a ‘I-don't-care-much-about-my-ex' attitude. Ankit's early exit from the show further added boredom to the show.

However, after Ankit's exit, Roopal was upset and crying which suggested that she still cared for him. Well, now that the show is over, will they become friends? Only time will tell.


As far as the ‘Double Trouble' concept is concerned, none of the couples managed to provide the much-needed dose of entertainment to the viewers. Maybe, the new concept was a big failure after all. Let us see if the makers learn from the mistakes of this season and come up with a better planned instalment the next time around.