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Bigg Boss 9! Ex-contestant Gizele Thakral reveals the next elimination

India TV Entertainment Desk 15 Jan 2016, 9:43:59 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: As Bigg Boss 9 is heading towards its finale, it is getting even more captivating.

The entry of Imam Siddique is creating turmoil inside the house and the contestants are trying their best to win the show.

If the recent buzz is to be believed Bigg Boss 9 will once again witness a double eviction this week.

While the contestants are wondering who will bid adieu to the show at this crucial point, there were speculations that Mandana Karimi might get evicted this week, after Suyyash Rai claimed the same.

But ex-contestant Gizele Thakral has come up with another twist in the elimination.

The actress has rubbished the reports of Mandana's eviction before the release of her forthcoming movie ‘Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3'.

“No way! That's not possible! Once you get into the house, you surrender to Bigg Boss. You cannot plan when you want to leave! Plus, the movie is not related to the channel! Why would the channel want to lose their contestant and promote a movie? What benefit will they get? Agar promotions hi hota toh mujhe bhi rakhna chahiye tha na? I know there are a lot of rumours going around but let's see na what happens!”, Gizele told a daily.

Gizele who too is a part of ‘Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3' was also quizzed if her eviction was planned as per the promotions of the film, she said, “You think Balaji sent me in? No ya! Let me put this straight. I have been auditioning for Bigg Boss since last three years! And finally this year Anandji took my audition through Endemol and that's how I bagged the show! It was a coincidence that Mandana was already on the show! Or else I was always hoping to be a part of Bigg Boss”.

Now, only time will reveal if Manadan Karimi to get eliminated this week from Bigg Boss 9 or not and whether her eviction is being planned or not.